Fortinet – Rising to the Top of Security Solution Providers

Written by David Stilwill, CIO and Networking Guru-Extraordinaire…

More than 25 years’ experience in the field of Information Technology has afforded me the opportunity to work with many different technologies and witness some amazing technological changes.  From implementing Token Ring LAN technology to installing the first cellular data network in Knoxville where the initial speeds were a “blazing” 144 kbps, I’ve seen new product innovation and technical evolution over the years.

After dabbling in various aspects of IT, I ultimately settled into the role of the “Network Guy”.   “Network Guy” would typically focus on the network and defer anything related to a firewall to the “Security Guy” since we lived in a more siloed environment.   But that was 15 years ago.   Today, those silos now more closely resemble a dorm room with a shared bathroom and kitchen.   The lines are blurred between network configuration and security.

Fortinet Begins Its Rise to the Top

With security breaches making news almost daily, security has become the chief concern of almost every company.  Since experiencing my first breach many years ago, I have worked with almost every make and model of firewall out there.  Over the years, I have found myself working more and more frequently with Fortinet.   Since 2008, Fortinet has made significant strides in the security space.  Until recently, I would always tell potential customers that Palo Alto was the Lamborghini of firewalls (High Price/Performance), and Fortinet was equivalent to the Corvette of firewalls (Moderate Price/Performance).

Well, I think Fortinet was tired of being the kid-brother to Palo Alto and has upped their game and hit the weight room.  Fortinet has surpassed all rivals as illustrated in the July 2018 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (Figure 1A) and NSS Labs’ World Group Tests results from September 2018 (Figure 2A).

Putting Together the Complete Package

In Fortinet’s evolution, they are taking a holistic approach to security with their array of product lines.  They refer to this as their “Security Fabric”.  This involves integrating their firewalls with a switch product line and a management suite (that includes FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, and EMS).  The management suite then ties into FortiClient Unified Threat Management (UTM), Malware, and a VPN solution for end user devices.   These solutions work together to provide an organization the visibility and control they need to secure their network from the internet to the user and back again.

The Fortinet portfolio of products continues to evolve to secure every facet of a company’s network from LAN-to-WAN or on-premises-to-cloud.   Fortinet has the solutions to properly secure your environment.

If security has become a top priority for your company, we have partnered with Fortinet to perform what is called a Cyber Threat Analysis Program (CTAP).   We use the CTAP to show the current gaps in a company’s current security platform and make recommendations for how we can help close the gaps.  The cost of the CTAP is free and takes less than a week to receive a report showing the current state of your company’s security.

If you would like a no-cost CTAP assessment, contact us today.  Simply email

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