FAQs about Online Backups

backups industry standard

Protecting your data from every imaginable scenario can be overwhelming. Learn how managed backups keep your business up and running no matter what.

backups industry standard

What are managed backups?

Data loss happens to every business. Missing files, email viruses, and site outages happen every day. Managed backups protect your business from losing your files and get your business back up to speed fast if you need to recover your data.

Cloud backup services let you select which file shares, databases, and app data you always need access to.

What should I back up?

Back up anything you can’t afford to lose. What would happen if you lost customer info, accounting and HR documents, or business app data?

Secure online backup services can protect any database your business needs, from file shares and email servers to app data. Customize your backups and restore options to protect everything your business depends on or just your most critical information.

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How often should data backups run?

Daily backups are a good option for most businesses and data types.

If you need more frequent backups, you can change your backup frequency. The cost is the same, but backups do use bandwidth each time they run. Setting throttling to only allow them to use only a portion of your resources during the workday can help offset this.

How long should I archive backups?

Retention periods are easy to customize and default to 5-day file versioning and 28-day data archiving. Save your data as long as you’d like with unlimited archiving.

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Are cloud backups compliant?

Our backups and data center are fully secure, meeting HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ISO requirements.

Are cloud backups secure?

Thanks to 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES, 448 Blowfish encryption using WebDAV over SSL, or Amazon web services for mail protection, your data is safe all day, every day. The data is sent encrypted over SSL and you’re the only one with the encryption key to access it.

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Why do I need managed backups?

Your data’s protected 24/7 with daily monitoring and support.

We’ll be there to safeguard your files at every step. No worries about whether your backups are working or whether you can call a real person for help. If you need a data restore, we’ll help you recover your files to get you back in business faster.

How do I know my backups are working?

Backup monitoring plus daily alerts ensure full visibility for your backups.

Your team of dedicated security specialists makes sure your backups are archiving the data you need. You’ll get alerts if something’s not being saved correctly or you need more space. And you can always view your data from your easy-to-use online portal.


Where should I store my backups?

Rely on a combination of cloud backup services and local backups for fast recovery and wider disaster insurance.

With cloud or offsite backups, your data’s secure away from your main facility, protecting your data in case a natural disaster damages your facility or keeps workers from getting to the office.

Local or onsite backups are the fastest way to recover your data. Restore times are significantly shorter from an onsite hard drive or dedicated server.

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How do I restore my data?

You can access and manage your backups from a convenient online data storage portal.

Choose the database, folder, or file you need to recover. Select the version from previous backups, then where you want to move it. That’s it!

Your team of IT security professionals is always here to support your backups and recovery process if you need.

How fast can I restore my data?

Data backup recovery times depend on the size and location of your data and the speed of your connection. Check out sample recovery times based on a download speed of 35 MB, the average across the U.S.

If your download speed or internet access is slower than you’d like, we can help you find a faster option or cheaper rate.

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