Protect Your Network

Network security & risk assessments

Defend against Cyber Security Threats

Data breaches, malware, outages, and other technology threats can cripple your business if you're not prepared. Leave your cyber security to professionals with decades of experience protecting business data and infrastructures.

Assess Your Risks

Identify security risks and threats to your users.

Protect Your Network

Take steps to create a more secure environment.

Monitor for Threats

Alerts and monitoring keep your system safe.

“[SH Data Technologies] is professional and very knowledgeable. Quick to respond and great communication throughout the project.”

– Jamey Franks, Southern Health Partners

Proactive Monitoring

Preventing a breach is much easier than fixing one. Your system is always actively monitored with alerts and change notifications.

Firewall Traffic

Detect brute force or DDOS attacks to your network.

Firewall Configuration

Log changes and settings to help detect hackers or breaches.

Server Alerts

Check for server changes and outages.

Antivirus Trends

Track infected machines and repeat victims.

Backup Tests

Make sure backups are working correctly.

System Bottlenecks

Detect misuse of company resources by processor and RAM utilization.

Updates & Patches

Upgrade equipment & software to prevent vulnerabilities.

Remote Desktop Clients

Troubleshoot and identify security issues remotely.

Identify Security Risks

Your assessment starts with a free Cyber Threat Assessment Report to determine risks.

Find out current threats to your technology and environment and get recommendations to improve security and efficiency.

Your cyber security assessment is yours to keep whether or not you choose us as your trusted cyber security company to protect your network.

Fortify Your Technology

Keeping your data safe is our top priority.

Building a secure environment includes every aspect of your technology, from file permissions to secure VPNs.

Meet any company and industry security standards whether you need to protect confidential business data or patient files.

Secure, Centralized Firewalls

Maintaining a reliable network firewall is key to protecting your business from outside threats.

Centralize the application of security policies across your business locations with network-based firewalls. Your firewall continuously inspects and treats all inbound and outbound traffic according to your unique security policies.

With secure connectivity, monitoring, and breach management, your network's protected 24/7.

“They have done an amazing job of organizing our IT needs and taking care of any concerns we had from past IT companies. Their service is second to none and I give them an A+ on all aspects of our technology needs.”

– John Felton, Tennessee Brokerage Agency

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