The Best Fully Redundant Data Center in East Tennessee


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Fully Redundant Data Center

Our Knoxville Data Center is fully redundant. Everything from cooling fans to power sources are supported by at least one independent piece of extra equipment. This is how we provide the most reliable service in our area.

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2N Redundant Power

2N redundancy means that all of our equipment has a second, independent piece of equipment as a backup. We run our systems using two independent power grids and internal power sources, allowing us to have an A and B side of our data center. If the A side falters, the B side can fully take over. This is how we are able to offer the best service in our region.

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Round-the-Clock Support

Data centers never stop running. If you have an issue on your end, our team is always on call to help you. Whether it’s tech support or 2 a.m. scheduled maintenance, we’ve got your back.

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24/7 Physical Security

Physical security is one of the top risks to your data outside of a data center. This is why we’ve equipped ours with state-of-the-art fire, flood, and theft protection security systems. Our 24/7 guard staff is always on the watch too, monitoring who enters and exits the data center.

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HIPAA and SOC Compliance

Because we specialize in healthcare and finance, everyone, from our security guards to our CEO, complies to HIPAA and SOC guidelines. You don’t have to worry about your data ever ending up in the wrong hands.

Custom Plans

We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan that fits your business’ specific needs.

 Caged space for racks, remote hands, and direct public cloud options are some of our additional services.