What is Information Governance, and Why should you care?

Written by Sue Gray, Chief Compliance Officer and consultant…

In an age where data grows exponentially and regulatory requirements increase almost as quickly,
businesses must find a way to harness the chaos that comes from having this much information
available. A well-defined, implemented, and managed Information Governance Program can help you
manage your data in a way that turns it into a business asset.

What exactly is Information Governance?

Information Governance (IG), in the most general terms, is a company-wide approach to managing
corporate information. It is a top down approach to how data is collected and managed system-wide
throughout the life cycle of the data. IG brings all the major players to the table where they have one
focus, which is to make sure your company’s information is secure, remains confidential, is readily
available to authorized users, and is manageable. The IG plan is implemented by developing policies,
processes, roles, controls and metrics that treat information as a valuable business asset. The goal is to
make that information work for the company as an asset rather than an expense, and make it available
to those who need it.

Why is Information Governance Important?

The sheer volume of regulations and the fact that the requirements now run throughout the company
from marketing, legal, and IT, on through Human Resources, Information Governance is no longer just a
job for Compliance; it is a company-wide responsibility. While Information Governance is the key to
compliance, it is also the key to a strong and successful business. IG can help to translate information
into strategic plans and the benefits from those plans can help your company grow. The quality of these
strategies and business plans are only as good as the data from which they are drawn. When a systemwide
Information Governance is practiced, it ensures the quality of your data and as a result, the success
of your data initiatives. Some of the benefits include minimizing clutter and risks while optimizing the
potential for business insight.

A strong and successful compliance program along with a company-wide Information Governance
Program can build customer trust and brand longevity, which equates to lasting and positive business
relationships. People tend to gravitate toward brands that publicize their compliance practices and can
show their ability to meet or exceed their needs. Over time, it has been proven that companies who are
able to link business risks with strategic imperatives tend to achieve higher profit margins.

What’s the health of your Information Governance Program?

What is the health of your Information Governance Program? Are there ways you could improve IG
performance to help your business reach its greatest potential?

It is imperative to have a strong information governance program in place to track and secure your data.
If you are interested in implementing information governance in your organization, or just would like a
second set of eyes to ensure that the program you have in place is being run correctly, we can help.

Contact us today to learn more about how SH Data Technologies keeps your data secure.

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