The Top 10 Free Plugins for a Professional WordPress Website

When you’re making a new WordPress site from scratch, how do you decide which plugins are worth adding to your site?

WordPress is an open source content management system for building your website. Originally designed for blogging, WordPress is a flexible CMS that now powers a third of all websites, including Sony, Disney, TechCrunch, and Facebook.

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Basic Agile Management for Non-Technical Teams

When agile development was first introduced to me, I had no clue how it could be useful. How do I apply concepts like continuous development and stakeholder requirements to writing a blog post or creating a landing page?

Once I understood the principles and how a web development team would use it, I had to translate these concepts in a way that made sense for creative tasks or non-technical work.

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How to Create a Website: 10 Questions to Ask

When someone mentions a site redesign, you might start to feel a sense of panic or dread. You might not know what to expect throughout the process, or maybe your last site redesign was a disaster.

To make sure your new site creation process is simple and complete, here are the questions to ask your team  for each stage of your site redesign.

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